Billy Lyons began his editorial career as a reporter covering chefs, restaurants, and food industry news for Zagat Buzz and The Village Voice’s Fork In the Road. His first lead and eventual blog post came by reading a construction notice on the side of a building, which is why he now has a mild obsession with scaffolding and plywood. He then spent five years developing video content for the Zagat YouTube Channel where he served as a booker, editorial producer, host, copywriter and content strategist. He now knows how the sausage gets made.

As a food and lifestyle writer, his work has appeared in print and digital publications including Playboy, Fortune, Michelin, The Village Voice, Thrillist, Tasting Table, VinePair, and Munchies. His areas of coverage include cocktails, cannabis, restaurants, and food culture. So pretty much the fun stuff.

Billy lives in New York City and attended the University of Richmond. His favorite sandwich will always be the chicken cordon bleu with honey mustard on a hero from Manhasset Deli.